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Ceramic Friends from Eleonor's Studio

These ceramic dogs are here to brighten up the dullest of your days

Eleonor's Studio

It is a well-known fact that dogs make the world a little better, and our lives a little more whole. But if for any reason you can’t have a living four-legged friend, we have an equally happy option for you. We’re obsessed with these ceramic dogs that brighten up every nook and cranny they're placed in.

A ceramic artist from Stockholm, Eleonor Boström creates beautiful, functional porcelain pieces, ranging from dogs and cups to dogs in cups. Animals have followed her since her childhood. Eleonor grew up surrounded by dogs, and now she uses dogs as her inspiration for the exquisite sculptures. Eleonor’s imaginary world is made up of playful animals that leave much to be interpreted by the viewer.

Pile of Dogs Series

Believing in having purpose for every design, her Scandinavian roots are blatantly visible in every sculpture she makes. The elements of humour in her pieces come from influences of various artists. Inspired by the everyday objects, her sculptures add a sense of subtle humour to the overall work.

Although working with porcelain is extremely challenging, Eleonor is extra careful to produce more than required in order to compensate for the losses in the firing process.

The element of utility in her sculptures is not only practical but also overflowing with adorableness that is unique to Eleonor.

You can check more of her cute dog ceramics here

Eleonar's Ceramic Sculptures

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