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It's a picnic time with Playtime!

Picnic season is officially underway! What could be more convivial than a family lunch on the grass?

With the first rays of sunshine, we all want to break the lunch routine and enjoy gardens and parks with the kids. Break the routine and have a meal in a bucolic context. Plus, for children who have difficulty eating on a daily basis, it can be a great opportunity to build a new dynamic.

Delicious sandwiches, large rice or pasta salads and a few fruit skewers are prepared and carried in a large basket. Once there, set up a checkered tablecloth and be ready to enjoy a whole host of delights...
Picnics have a nice little taste of freedom, don't you think? It's all about eating with your fingers while enjoying the fresh air.
But... picnic time is not just about snacks on the ground! With friends or family, it's fun to get together to eat anywhere... but not in any way! If you're a fan of lunch on the grass, don’t take it too easy and make a list to forget anything!
Don't panic, we've listed a few essentials for the perfect grass-fed lunch to help you get organised. Make sure you have everything!

Gooseling - photo by Anna Kubel

A tablecloth that is too beautiful

Because grass is pretty and bucolic but sometimes it stings. Because sand when you eat is very unpleasant, the choice of a soft, checked, easily washable tablecloth is essential! And when it is so beautiful, it is a success.

Love Mae - photo by Mini Style

Special picnic tableware

Firstly because it's beautiful... Because we don't like plastic knives that break as soon as we use them. But above all it's ecological. We say no to disposable plates and napkins.

Heart of Gold

A colourful and cheerful blanket

Because it can be used as a tablecloth, because it will give such an instagrammable touch to your picnic ;) because if the weather gets cloudy it will warm up the children, but most of all...because after eating we will settle down comfortably for a nap!


A wicker basket

Yes, of course the cooler is practical and carries drinks and food. But where do you put the bread, the tablecloth, the toys? In a pretty basket that will bring a vintage and country look. A picnic without a basket is like a meal without cheese (as they say in France)

Natutal Cuddles

A sustainable and eco-friendly bib

Picking at the food brings a festive aspect to the meal and allows, in any case, to create good memories together! Eating with the fingers is also very important in the sensory discovery of food and eating in general. But that doesn't mean that baby won't stay clean. As a bonus, we recommend the bib bandana, which gives a little cowboy look for a perfect souvenir photo.


Some outdoor games

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No back and forth in the kitchen, no (too many) dishes, space for children to run around and play without disturbing anyone... All the experts agree that a picnic is a time for sharing and enjoying life. So, even if you've forgotten the cream against itchy bugs or the bread on the dining room table, enjoy the moment!

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