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7 wonders of summer shoes for kids

What summer shoes will please kids and parents? Little monsters always end up barefoot and that makes adults despair...

It’s that time of the year, the moment you’ll have to find THE pair of shoes for your kid’s summer.

Need some help? These 7 pairs of summer shoes for kids are the ones they won't want to take off. And guess what, they are all still available for immediate delivery to restock before the hot weather. It's the right time!
Comfort, style, first steps, sport, color, fun ... but always hyper trendy and creative of course. You are on Playtime ;)

Here are sandals that have understood the needs of children's feet in summer: to be in the air ;)
These two models combine as always with Camper the comfort and the trend:


The rope sandal so hype, here revisited in bright red is a real favorite.


As for the boy's model, it is available in pastel colors that are the must have of the season!


Putting the whole family in shoes is always a little bit of a chore, yes it is. So for those who are looking for ease without forgetting the style... Here is the model for you. Alpargata is a unisex shoe for children and adults! In addition it is 100% natural jute and organic cotton natural, which gives it a minimalist look super fashionable this summer.

Napaani Organic
Napaani Organic


The Eugens is a Playtime darling brand that combines modern design with vintage influences, high standards and whimsy. So for those who embrace real style, even as a kid, their SS21 collection is perfect.

The Eugens

What can we say about these Billie Jean gold leather sandals? What a great look, chic and stylish!

The Eugens

For a more classic look, we love the Maximos unisex sandals in brown suede, made in Spain.


Boxbo sandals for the SS21 season are so great. They take strong popular summer shoe trends and twist them around. Super cute anyway! and no sorry no adult size :)


The "Galaxy Eyes" model with bright eyes is inspired by the happy moments of summer.


Booboo-Pink, a model full of extravagance with 2 grey balls for the left foot and green balls for the right foot. A fun and completely girly concept.

Obviously impossible to miss a pretty pair of sneakers. And the floral pattern is a must this season. With Anchor, no mistake possible. Classic and timeless, their sneakers are really exceptional. You just have to choose the pattern!

Ananas is a young brand born out of a desire to combine Brazilian design, ingenuity and skill with British determination and a desire to have fun. We love their stylish, ethically made leather shoes for babies and ideal for first steps.

Ananas Petit
Ananas Petit


Casa Blue is known for its unique and exclusive swimwear.)
It is also a collection of resort accessories. Maybe it's because they're available in pink, or made in a traditional and sustainable way by artisans, or just because they're available in adult sizes... but we love their espadrilles!

Casa Blue Swim
Casa Blue Swim