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Giving back with..... Milk on the Rocks

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Giving Back… with Julie Kang from Milk on the Rocks

In 2020, COVID-19 took over the world. Several children’s brands took a hiatus and some even closed down. However, quite a few independent brands managed to re-create, reorganise and quickly adapt during these exceptional moment.

Milk on the Rocks, is one independent brand in particular that comes to mind. Established in 2005, this Franco-American brand is pulling through with new ideas and fresh energy to take on the future seasons. The Milk on the Rocks team took this time to also think about truly helping and giving back.

In response to the world health crisis and as a small business solution in 2020, Julie Kang, the founder of Milk on the Rocks, decided to offer previous collections to those who are in need. She donated to the Enfants de Shanti association which helps children in the poorest neighbourhoods of India.

Then, she gave her past baby collections along with all left over packaging to the Un Petit Bagage d’Amour association. These plastic bags were then recycled into new 'bags of love’ with needs for single woman with children in difficult situations or refugees living on the street.

Finally, Kang took the time to focus on her online presence by revamping the website, optimising each product and adding toys and gadgets to the enhance the character of her online shop. This helped get though the French confinement when shops were closed and e-commerce could continue. During this time, Kang also hand delivered orders to a few faithful clients.

“We are all in this together. It’s time to realise that we don’t always know what will happen in life. This philosophy has been extremely tested last year and will continue into 2021. We need to be even more creative, flexible and make quick decisions in order to survive. In this sense, it’s actually strangely less stressful during these times when a situation is beyond our control and we are all experiencing the same obstacles."

Milk on the Rocks is currently working on the upcoming Spring Summer 2022 collection and can be found on the Playtime marketplace. There will also be a couple surprise Milk on the Rock collaborations coming up later in 2021 that are not to be missed!

Discover the new Milk on the Rocks collection on the marketplace
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