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The sun is back, nature is budding, and we are ready for a METAMORPHOSIS (our season’s theme ;-) let’s open up to new ways of working together, sharing our values, learning from each other and having fun all at once!

Trends Space


invited on the 'Pathfinders' trend space

TOHU-BOHU is a graphic and textile creation duo formed by Lysandre Graebling and Lucile Bonnaud.
Their universe is expressed through the creation of fashion and interior design prints, but also through embroidery, scenography, and even the conception and running of graphic workshops for children (Musee de Poche, Centre Pompidou...) Together, they have created a poetic and naive art-like world combining delicacy and dreams.

For the Pathfinder trend, they have imagined an extraordinary herbarium mixing dried, embroidered and drawn vegetation, in the manner of a botanical chart.
It is a tribute to slowness, to those moments in childhood dedicated to the observation of nature, to the pleasure of collecting things and to the slow learning of ancestral techniques. A way to illustrate children's instinctive capacity to contemplate the world and to live at a rhythm which, increasingly, inspires their elders.


invited on the 'Fantasia' trend space

For more than 10 years ELSA DRAY-FARGES has developed a protean body of work made of colorful and joyful drawings and volumes tinged with a certain melancholy. She creates papier mache sculptures and bespoke installations for window displays and events in a lively way that is always profoundly connected to the art of storytelling.
Imaginary landscapes, floating villages, extraordinary animal masks, her sculptures and drawings burst with colors and fantasy and communicate an instantaneous joy.
Her clients are from diverse and varied backgrounds that include fashion (Hermès, Bonpoint, Tommy Hilfiger, Aesics), interior design (Anne-Claire Petit), the press (Télérama, Kid’s Wear, Grazia Casa, Psychologie Mag), and theatre (Les Possédés, l’Avantage du doute).

On the Fantasia trend space, Elsa's papier mache and painted masks will project strange, extraordinary shadows while her colorful villages will inhabit the walls of the Press Office.


invited on the 'Press start' trend space

MOLISTUDIO is a 3D art direction and design boutique based in Buenos Aires, founded by passionate storytellers with a whimsical take on the everyday life. The team is, insistently, on the lookout for a deep color sense and a strong use of the metaphor; always aiming to find new excuses to celebrate the translation of ordinary life into the surreal while exploring the mesmerizing nature of this process.

An image from their Tennis series will illustrate the Press Start theme. Here, there are no rules other than to adhere to one principal: tennis was born to be graphical!


location_onMeeting & Conference Room, aisle T

Conferences & Talks

A complete programme of conferences and talks led by experts to learn, share and grow.

Introducing Spring-Summer 2020 trends
Speakers : Instinct Trend Consulting

  • Saturday, June 29th, 11am - 12pm (in english)
  • Monday, July 1st, 11am - 12pm (in french)

Building a sustainable fashion business
Speakers : Tabitha Osler, Faire Child / Alana Sorokin, Joseph & Alexander / Hélène Sarfati-Leduc, Le French Bureau, les Experts de la mode responsable

  • Saturday, June 29th, 3pm - 4 pm

Online presence for new business challenges
Speakers : Olivia Baum, Lison Paris / Makel Gardner, Fin & Vince / Martin Gentil, Diatly / Laura Walcot, Mama Owl

  • Sunday, June 30th, 11am - 12pm

Improve customer experience in retail stores
Speakers : Victoria Suffield, The Hambledon / Dominik Cadieux, Le Petit Cocon / Molly Price, Molly Meg

  • Sunday, June 30th, 3pm - 4pm

How to protect your creative work?
Speaker : Me Marie-Claude Fournet

  • Monday, July 1st, 1:30pm - 2pm (in french)
location_onnext to restaurant area, aisle S

Intellectual property consulting

How to protect and defend your creations? What rights are attached to fashion creations? Who owns the rights? How to benefit from it? How to assert them?

As a member of the Paris Bar, Me Marie-Claude Fournet will share all her tips and insights during a workshop on Monday, July 1st, from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.

She will also welcome people at her booth during the three days of the show for further exchanges.


location_onPlayground 1, aisle W

Our clothes have (still) so much to say

Upcycling workshop by Manufacture Paris

Manufacture Paris gives you the power to make a positive change, by becoming an actor of the metamorphosis!
On Saturday, June 29th and Sunday June 30th, join their Upcycling workshop on their booth.

1 - Bring your old clothes and laces
2 - Be ready to cut your wardrobe without emotion...
3 - With the help of seamstresses, turn them into a cool pouch in 15 min!

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, the 2nd life of your wardrobe starts here!

location_onPlayground 1, aisle W

La fabrikarobots

Ma Cabane à Rêves invites you to participate in a giant collective work!
Pick up your magnets designed exclusively for Playtime at the entrance of the show and meet Amandine at the Playground 1 area to add your personal touch to her giant fresco.
On this wall, magnets are assembled and piled up to make a life-size robot appear.

Ma Cabane à Rêves offers delicate magnets that can be superimposed thus inviting children to compose creative decors matching their dreams. Ma Cabane à Rêves made the choice of French quality for our little ones. All magnets are designed and produced with care in France.

photo credit @haaikie

location_onPlayground 1, allée W

Pattern workshop with Camille Pianel

Independent textile designer Camille Pianel invites you to join her pattern creation workshop. You will discover the potential of the motif, the subtle joys of repetition, connection and scale change.

Through playful manipulations, Camille will be sharing her creative process and the infinite possibilities that this art can offer.

location_onPlayground 2

Cardboard transformation

by KOKO cardboards

How about putting your phone away for a moment, extracting yourself from WiFi and joining Kasia Novak founder of KOKO cardboards in her temporary Playtime studio ?
Despite the disappearance of borders, despite the fact that the whole world meets on one wall of Instagram, it seems to be more difficult to actually meet and spend time with people...
So come share a moment of happy creativeness with Kasia to create a large, colorful, carboard totem, reflecting everyone’s inspiration and good vibes.

The MILK Awards

Every season, the editorial team of Milk Magazine walk the alleys of the show looking for the most beautiful collections to reward in the following categories :
'Best in France', 'Crush', 'Fashion' and brand new category 'Green'
Follow them live from the show on Saturday, June 29, to discover the lucky winners and run to meet them!

Massage for everyone

Everyone will be able to enjoy a relaxing break for 10, 20 or 30 minutes in our Massage Area, located on aisle G, next to the Information Desk.
Hands reflexology, skull or feet, harmonization of the chakras, Tibetan 'singing bowl' and tuning fork; you will discover harmonizing and restorative practices that will leave you metamorphosed ;-)
Sessions practiced by reflexologists Joëlle Joubert and Claudia Guttierrez Davila.
Complete program, prices and appointments on site.


location_onSouth Entrance

Work in Progress

Fashion sketches from the Playtime collections

Fashion is undoubtedly one of the most suitable fields for Metamorphosis. And it is precisely those that take place between the first sketches of a collection and its final realization that will be explored through this original exhibition, featuring dozens of drawings and work boards offered by brands exhibiting at the show.

location_onVIP Lounge


'PLIC PLIC ORIGAMIC’ is the name of Schokoparis's* marvellous journey from traditional to contemporary origami. It is also an artistic process that has been reinvented to allow children to discover the beauty and science of folding, and to show them how a simple square can transform into a thousand other things.
To each square its own geometry and color, to each graphic its folding and to each folding its season... Over at the VIP space of the show, Schokoparis will be unveiling its "geometrical", "origamic", and utterly "plic plic" calendar!

Schoko - aka Schokoparis - is a plastic artist, born in Japan and currently living and working in Paris.
With the tip of her fingers and a bit of magic, she creates a world of enchanted paper according to her 3 mantras: origami (folding), kiri-é (cutting), nuri-é (coloring).

location_onAa.bsolution restaurant


Artisanal portraits & Creative Studio

LES JOLIES RENCONTRES is a creative studio founded by Lola Pelletier and Justine Tiphaigne. Both trained architects, their current work places itself somewhere between scenography, graphic design, photography and video. Curious and creative, they like to imagine unique worlds and to create beautiful images. Recently they have been creating paper sceneries and installations for events and window displays.
Another aim of theirs is to showcase the values of know-how and craftsmanship through filmed portraits of artisans and creators, available on their website.

On the Aa.bsolution space, we will eat under their delightful suspensions of vegetal motifs.

location_onSoup&Juice restaurant


Sophie Cuvelier is at the origin of a simple and light work "The fabulous garlands". Dyed paper garlands, all unique pieces, with universal shapes: triangles, circles, rectangles, that translate a desire to go to the essential.

With her flower lamps "Campanules" made in collaboration with Procédé Chenel and their anti fire papers she opens a bucolic design dimension to her playground of shapes and colors, constantly simplified, reinvented.

This season Sophie will suspend her luminous bluebells at the Soup & Juice restaurant, in alley T.

Design : @cuveliersophie / collab @procedes_chenel / papier M1

location_onaisles H-I


Photo exhibition by Milk Magazine

MilK magazine, guided as ever by its sensitive and hedonistic take on life, has had some inspiring encounters. Years of singular and enriching experiences have allowed MilK to turn from children’s fashion pioneer into documenter of a certain kind of family art de vivre. A family lifestyle of which fashion and design are integral parts, equals alongside the arts of cooking or travelling. Next stop: Berlin, where Marian Schönhofer, yoga teacher, does a little practice every morning with her daughter.

Photos : Jette Stolte — Style : Elissa Castelbou

location_onaisle T

Screen Capture - Metamorphosis ‘Child to Fashionista’

Live art piece by fashion illustrator Chris Gambrell

This edition of the Screen Capture exhibition Pirouette invites fashion illustrator Chris Gambrell to explore the metamorphosis from ‘child to fashionista’ through an Iris Apfel quote by producing a live art piece taking place over the first two days of the Paris show.
Chris will intervene in Pirouette’s usual Screen Capture space transforming the walls and floor from blank canvas to final art piece taking inspiration gathered from the exhibiting brands, designers, collections and visitors.

Be curious, come and talk to the artist, celebrate the final artwork, and enjoy a drink with Chris and Katie!
Sunday 30 June @ 5pm

location_onaisle E

From inhale to drop out

Photo exhibition by kid's wear Magazine

The perfect transformation. From one state to another. A development. An adventure. It's this everlasting issue in childhood thanks to its ever-changing condition. Powerful yet playful. Discover photographer and kid's wear Magazine founder Achim Lippoth visually embracing 'Metamorphosis' through this original exhibition.